Emergency Dentistry: Tooth Extractions in Cape Coral

Emergency Extraction in Cape Coral

Do you think you need an emergency tooth extraction? It’s one thing to be experiencing pain in your mouth and it’s another to determine that you need an emergency tooth extraction. It’s only your dentist who can tell you if a tooth extraction is inevitable. However, there are signs that you can look out for if you think you need an emergency tooth extraction.

Signs that indicate a tooth extraction is inevitable

Formation of pus

Bacterial infections can result in the formation of pus in your gums, at the end of the root, or in the bone. This condition is known as a dental abscess and can be very painful for some patients. If you notice pus leaking out from your tooth or gums, a tooth extraction may just be necessary and you should rush to your dentist.


If you notice swelling on one side of your face, with or without pain, it could be very serious. You may be having an abscess or even a salivary gland tumor. To control the infection, your dentist may recommend an emergency tooth extraction.

Loose tooth

Sports injuries are a major cause of loose teeth. Apart from sporting, loose teeth can also be a result of gum disease. If you notice you have a loose tooth it is best to get checked for signs of nerve damage before it gets worse. Be ready that your tooth could need an emergency extraction.

Root canal failure

Though very rare, root canal failure can occur. If you had a root canal and are experiencing severe pain in the operated tooth, it could signify a root canal failure. In these cases, treatment may be another root canal, a root tip surgery, or an emergency tooth extraction.

Painful bleeding gums

The presence of blood when you brush or floss can be a sign of periodontal disease. If left untreated, it can become serious and cause a tooth extraction.

Dental trauma

If you severely damage your teeth in an accident, it goes without saying, your dentist may recommend an emergency extraction to save you from severe pain.

Unexplained pain after neglecting dental appointments

Some treatments require you to follow up with your dentist after a period of time. If you skip these appointments, it could cause unexplained pain. Sometimes the pain can be corrected but if it was highly delayed, your dentist may just have to extract the tooth.

You certainly wish to remain with your teeth for a lifetime but sometimes it’s just not possible. Do not ignore the above signs. Speak to your dentist about them and determine the best treatment plan for you.

If you encounter any dental emergency such as severe damage in your teeth, call 239-599-4988 for an emergency exam.